To order tickets for all trips:

Order Online

Select a trip from the Events Page, click on the adjacent 'BUY TICKETS' button and follow the prompts. After clicking the click, you will need to select the correct month, and then event.

By Phone

Please call 765-825-2054 for tickets. The excursion train ticket reservation call center is available daily from 9am-5pm Eastern Time.

Dinner Train Orders

After purchasing tickets, you will need to make your dinner selections.

You can also e-mail our Office Manager or write to us at the address below.

Group Reservations & Charters

Large groups, tour groups, schools, & caboose rentals should contact our Office Manager for advance reservations.


The Railroad reserves the right to change train equipment, schedules and/or fares without advance notice. The railroad cannot be responsible for unscheduled delays.